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How to Change What Happens when a Caller Doesn't Select from Auto Attendant


Changing what happens (next action) when a caller doesn't make a selection from your Auto Attendant menu.

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Auto Attendants


  1. Log in to 8x8 Work Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Auto Attendants.
  3. Click Edit (pencil icon) to the right of the Auto Attendant that you wish to edit.
  4. Go to Call Handling Menus and select the call handling menu you want to edit.
  5. Under Main Menu, select Edit Settings.
    VO VM Auto Attendant Menu Setting.jpg
  6. Adjust Number of seconds the system should wait before taking next action as needed.
  7. Change how many times the menu should replay If user inputs no key, replay menu.
  8. Set And then based on what you would like to happen next.
  9. If you select Route Call to:
    1. Select the target you would like it to transfer to.
    2. Enable or disable Go straight to voicemail depending on your preferences.
  10. Click Save.
  11. If needed, repeat steps 4-10 for each menu (After Hours, Holidays, Alternate).
  12. Click Save.