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How to block callers for a service (Auto-attendant, Call Queue, Ring Group)


The goal of this article is to block unwanted callers that reach Ring-Groups, Call Queues, and Auto -Attendants.


First Step

The method will require to use a VO license to filter the calls.

-create a new user and add a VO license (it can be any type even x1) and assign an extension to it and the Phone number that is used to call in the Ring Groups, Call queues, Auto-Attendants, etc.

Second Step

1. Disable all forwarding Rules from the user 

2. Add a new rule to block the callers 



3. Save

4. Add a new rule that will forward the rest of the call to the desired destination (RG, CQ, AA)


5. Save 

6. Then save again all the changes

What's Next

The setups above will require using another license for filtering and using the original DID of the service.

The service RG, CQ, AA can be left without a DID if needed given that the calls will be forwarded from the user to the service.