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How to configure 8x8 Password Policy in Admin Console


Set up 8x8 Password Policy by setting rules on password length, formation, password duration and lockout duration.

Applies To

  • Password Policy
  • Admin Console


To access and set up 8x8 Password Policy:

  1. Log into the 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. From the menu select Identity ManagementCM_IdentityMgmt_Home_Identity_Management.jpg
  3. Under Password Policy, configure the desired settings.



 Additional Information

Available options:

  • Password complexity requirement - Defines if a password must be set with a certain complexity. Must mix upper and lower case alpha and numeric May contain symbols (optional)
  • Minimum length - Defines a minimum length for a password. Restricts agents from choosing a password less than the specified length (minimum of 8-25 characters)
  • Password expires - Defines how long a password is alive. After the specified duration, the password expires and needs to be changed. (If disabled, passwords do not expire)
  • Enforce Password History  - Defines the number of previous passwords (or no passwords) to be remembered by the system. It prevents users from using the previous passwords when creating a new one. (if disabled, no passwords are remembered)

  • Invalid login attempts - Defines the maximum invalid login attempts before the system locks users out.  (If disabled, invalid login attempts will not lock the user out)

  • Lockout duration - Defines the lockout duration before a user is allowed to try to login again. (1-60 minutes)

Note: administrators can unlock users by resetting their password.

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