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Set Main Number versus Share Main Number as a Caller ID


What is the difference between Set Main Number as a caller ID and Share Main Number as a Caller ID?

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • 8x8 Work


Under the Sites menu in Admin Console, Voice Service Settings, you have the option to set the Main Number as Caller ID or share the Main Number as a Caller ID for all the users belonging to this site.


Set Main Number as Caller ID will set the number you have as the Main Line Number for the site, to be used as external caller ID by all the users from that site. 

Share Main Number as Caller ID will make the Main Line number of the site, visible in the drop-down list of the available numbers to be used as external caller IDs, for the users of the site.

Additional Information

In order to have the Main Number available as a Share caller ID only for the users of that site, make sure that the number is not enabled to be used as a shared caller ID in the Phone Numbers menu.

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