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Nomadic 911 FAQ


Nomadic 911 is a feature available in USA and Canada that enables the Emergency Response Location (ERL) associated with a device or endpoint used with 8x8 Work to be automatically updated as the device moves from one distinct location to another.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Nomadic 911 Service
  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • 8x8 Work

Questions & Answers

What does Nomadic 911 do?

As stated above, Nomadic 911 enables the Emergency Response Location (ERL) associated with a device or endpoint used with 8x8 Work to be automatically updated as the device moves around.

This means that with Nomadic 911, in the event of an emergency services call made from the user's properly registered endpoint, the caller's granular location information is detected and they will be connected directly to a public-safety answering point (PSAP), or local emergency services call center.

Emergency calls that are not automatically routed to a PSAP will instead be routed to the central National Response Center, where an operator will ask for the location of the caller and then transfer them to an appropriate PSAP.

What are the requirements for Nomadic 911 service?

All setup requirements can be found in the Administration and Planning Guides

How do I sign up for this service?

While the Nomadic 911 service is available to all 8x8 US and Canadian X Series customers, each customer's 8x8 Work service must be individually enabled for the Nomadic 911 service.

To enable Nomadic 911 for your 8x8 service, open an 8x8 Support case or speak to your 8x8 sales representative.

Does the service work with 8x8 Work for Desktop, Mobile, and Web?

  • Work for Desktop: Requires the installation of Location Manager software (Windows & Mac), to recognize emergency calls and relay appropriate location information.
  • Work for Mobile: Cellular redirect is used, which provides emergency location.
  • Work for Web: Currently not compatible.

Does the service work with 8x8 Contact Center?

8x8 Contact Center relies on the telephony service provider that you use for your endpoints. If you use 8x8 as your telephony service provider for your 8x8 Contact Center, then Nomadic 911 will work through your 8x8 Work endpoints.

Does Nomadic 911 work with Microsoft Teams clients?

Yes, Nomadic 911 service will work for Microsoft Teams client users of 8x8 Voice for Teams.

However, at this time there are critical differences between calling emergency services from 8x8 Work (desk phone or Work for Desktop) and calling emergency services from a Teams client. This is because 8x8 Work emergency calls route through a different service than Teams clients do.

Because of this, for emergency calls dialed from Microsoft Teams clients or physical phone devices, emergency service location information must be entered into the Microsoft Teams admin center, in Locations > Emergency addresses.

If those same Teams users will also use either 8x8 Work for Desktop or an 8x8 Work desk phone, emergency service location information must also be added to the Emergency Routing Service portal.

In all cases, the Emergency Routing Service option must also be enabled in the 8x8 Admin Console for all 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams users, regardless of the method they will use to call emergency services.


Are specific types of desk phone required?

Nomadic 911 desk phone support is limited to compatible 8x8 Work phones:



  • Microsoft Teams desk phones and emergency service configuration must be managed in Microsoft services by customer IT administration.
  • 8x8 does not provide support for emergency services configuration within the Microsoft environment.

Can I test the service without dialing 911?

Yes. To perform tests of the Emergency Service, you will be able to dial 933 to reach the address verification service instead of a 911 operator. The 933 service receives the same information as 911, but no emergency action is invoked by 933 calls.

Is this service required for users to be able to dial 911?

No! You can dial 911 to reach emergency services without this service.

However, with a properly configured Nomadic 911 service, 911 calls are routed to local 911 services rather than the National Response Center, as those calls can provide specific location information about the caller's phone.

What do I need to do if I run into problems setting this service up for my users?

Open an 8x8 Support case to request help with Nomadic 911 issues.

Can I use Bulk Upload from Admin Console to enable users?

Bulk Edit is available in Admin Console to enable the Emergency Routing Service feature for users.


Currently, Bulk upload of a CSV file is not available for this feature in Admin Console.

How can I tell when my 8x8 service and users are enabled?

See Nomadic 911 Identifying Provisioning and User Enablement.

Is 8x8 Work for Desktop supported?

Yes. However, in addition to proper configuration of users and network variables in the Emergency Routing Service portal, each 8x8 Work for Desktop user must have the Location Manager software installed on their Windows or Mac computer.

Is 8x8 Work for Mobile supported?

Emergency services calls made from the 8x8 Work for Mobile app are handed off to the mobile device's cellular carrier.

This means that for emergency services calls to function from 8x8 Work for Mobile, the device it is installed on must have a cellular carrier signal.

Important-Icon.png IMPORTANT: Because of this requirement, 8x8 Work for Mobile calls to emergency services over a wifi connection will not work.

Where can I download the Location Manager app?

The Location Manager app can be downloaded from Nomadic 911 Location Manager Download and Install.

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