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Password Policy changes for new X Series Accounts


For newly created customers, users who reset their password can still use the last password used. There is also no lockout after multiple invalid login attempts. 

The steps below will allow you to enable these features that are not set by default in Admin Console for newly created customers.


NOTE: For existing customers, no action is required as this feature will be enabled during the first phase of our password policies update in August 2022.

Applies To

  • X Series newly created customers.


In Admin Console, click Identity and Security and 8x8 Authentication, Advanced Password Settings



Enforce password History

This setting defines the number of previous passwords (or no passwords) to be remembered by the system. It prevents users from using the previous passwords when creating a new one.

Turn the toggle on to enable password history and select between 1-10.


Invalid Login Attempts

This setting defines the maximum invalid login attempts before the system locks users out.

 Turn the toggle on to enable invalid login attempts and select between 1-10 attempts.




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