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8x8 Support

Tenfold: Administrator Associate Tenfold to the CRM


Linking a CRM service to your Tenfold service. 

Applies To

  • Tenfold Administrator user

Service Provisioning

We're using Bullhorn as an example, here. Substitute your applied CRM in these instructions, as needed.

  1. Log into your Tenfold account at
  2. Click Company settings menu and locate the two sub-menus: CRM and Phone System.
  3. Click CRM then click Connect with <CRM>. Once clicked, you'll be redirected to the CRM's login screen.
  4. Log into your CRM using administrator credentials for that CRM.


  1. Once the connection has been properly established between Tenfold and your CRM, you will see a success message.


  1. Click Phone System. Confirm that 8x8 8x8 Work is selected.
  2. Click Change Advanced Options and verify that the Environment URL is populated with
    • NO EVENTS will be displayed at the top of the sub-menu if none of your extensions have been associated. The Phone System will start receiving 8x8 information and the NO EVENTS message will disappear when:
      • One or more extensions are associated with users,
      • And after the end users provide their 8x8 credentials for authentication.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


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