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How to Configure Line Keys for Multiple Users


Creating or editing Line Keys for one of more users.

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Line Keys

Getting Started

  1. Log in to Admin Console.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Find the active, assigned device type you wish to edit and click View Device Report.
    VO CM View Device Report.jpg


  1. From the Device Report, click the pencil to the right of the user for whom you wish to edit Line Key settings. This takes you to the Edit Device Settings screen.
    VO CM Edit Line Key Settings.jpg
  2. Create the desired power keys setup.
  3. If you wish to configure the same line key configuration on multiple devices, click Save as template.
    VO CM Line Key Save As Template.jpg
  4. On the next page, select an existing template to overwrite, or save a new template by entering a new template name.
    • For new templates, click Create New Template and then Save. To overwrite an existing template, click Overwrite this template.
      VO CM Create New Line Key Template.jpg
  5. Go to the next device in your list and create a new set of line keys, or Import from Template.
    VO CM Import Line Key Template.jpg
  6. Click Save.