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Seperate Porting Requests Required


When submitting a port request, we will check your numbers to see if we need to split them in separate requests based a variety of different factors, when this happens we will need additional input from you to finalize your port reuest

Applies To

  • Admin Console

  • Number porting 


eye.png Tips:
Looking to submit a new port request in Admin Console? Click here to be taken to the full how to article


When submitting a port in admin console, if we identify a request that has numbers that belong to separate underlying carriers we will need to segment the order it out. We'll let you know that this happens during the porting process.

In order to continue your porting process

  1. Select Separate the numbers into compatible groups
  2. Click Continue  
    • The admin console will segment your numbers based on their underlying carrier, sometimes your current carrier may have some numbers on one carrier and others on another, this is somewhat common even if you think they are on one carrier.

For each group of numbers, you will need to specify a certain piece of information. Here's some quick tips

  • Service Provider- Put your best guess if you think all the numbers are on the same carrier, our system can often correct this on the backend.
  • Preferred porting date - Put the date you would like the numbers to port on. Keep in mind while we may request this date with your carrier, it cannot be guaranteed but typically the port will happen either on or after the preferred porting date.
  • Billing Telephone Number- The billing telephone number is going to be one of the numbers attached to your account, and typically the main line number. If you are unsure for a particular set of numbers, a good rule of thumb is to enter the lowest number in the group

Once the information for the remaining carriers is entered click Continue and follow the remaining steps here

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