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How to Check the Status of a Port Request in Admin Console


Note: Click here for information on transferring your number in Account Manager, the legacy version of 8x8 Admin Console.


Once you have started transferring (or porting) your number from another provider to 8x8, you can easily view the status of this number. For more details on how to transfer your number, click here.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Number Porting


  1. Log in to 8x8 Admin Console
  2. Click Phone Numbers.
  3. The status of the number will be visible in the Number Status column. However, it will only show numbers in the Pending or Failed state.
    • Pending numbers will have the estimated completion date listed below their status, if N/A is displayed we are still waiting on a response from your former provider
    • Failed numbers will be listed with a brief explanation of why the porting request failed.
  4. For a more comprehensive look at number transfer status, select Porting Status in the Filters menu on the left of your screen. Check the boxes to filter by the following options:
    • Porting Complete - Successfully ported numbers
    • Porting Failed - Unsuccessful number transfer attempts
    • Porting Pending - Numbers in the process of being transferred
    • Pre Porting Numbers that have been uploaded in bulk and flagged for porting but no port request has been filed. In order to begin the porting process refer to this process on how to submit a request

      CM - Porting Status_Updated.png