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Failed saving user settings error when assigning a Contact Centre license


When attempting to assign a Contact Center (X6, X7, X8) license to a user in 8x8 Admin Console, you encounter the error Failed saving user settings

Admin Console Error Failed saving user settings.png

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Contact Center
  • X Series X6, X7, X8 licenses


This issue is potentially caused by one of the following known root conditions:

  • the user is assigned an extension the system has recognized as already in use elsewhere
  • the Contact Center license you are trying to assign to the user is not available for another reason

Trying to assign a license not related to a Contact Center user? Click here for specific guidance.

Special characters   

Make sure there are no special characters in First name, Last name, Username.  

Confirm and Correct Extension Conflict

  1. In the Virtual Contact Center (VCC) agent settings on the user's edit page in 8x8 Admin Console, identify the suggested Extension number. Make note of this number.
    Admin Console Error Failed saving user settings - vcc extension.png
  2. Log in to Configuration Manager for Contact Center.
  3. In Configuration Manager for Contact Center, under Users, search for a user with the filter PBX# and the Extension number noted in Step 1.
    VCC Configuration Manager Users Filter PBX#.png
  4. If a user is returned in the results, please contact 8x8 Support to correct this. In the meantime, continue below to add the Contact Center license to the user.
  5. Return to 8x8 Admin Console and the user's Virtual Contact Center (VCC) agent settings.
  6. Manually enter a different Extension number that is not already in use.
  7. Scroll down and Save your changes.

Still seeing the error? Continue below.

Confirm License Availability

Following a recent upgrade request or service cancellation, it is possible you may have suspended licenses on the account that are erroneously shown as available in the user license dropdown. Alternatively, you may have technically available licenses currently assigned to deactivated users. To review and correct for this possibility, click here.


Extension Conflict

8x8 Admin Console is suggesting a user extension that is already in use by another Contact Center user, which is blocking the settings from being saved. This can happen if:

  • A Contact Center user has not successfully been removed from the Contact Center when the license was removed from them in 8x8 Admin Console or
  • A Contact Center extension number change has not successfully completed.

License Availability

Suspended licenses that are stuck on the account after a cancellation or upgrade request are causing that license type to appear in the dropdown menu. Suspended licenses are not allowed to be assigned to users.

Alternatively, technically available licenses may currently be assigned to deactivated users.

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