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Error Saving Contact When Adding Contacts in Admin Console


When attempting to add Contacts there is an error that reads, "Error saving contact."


In the browser console Network logs there is an error:
{"httpStatus":"FAILED_DEPENDENCY","validationErrors":null,"message":"Could not create contact. addCompanyContact failed with error:com._8x8.contactapp.common.util.ContactAppException: Multi-PBX Customer: Please provide the contactSiteId (siteCustomerId) httpStatus:404"}

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Contacts


The user adding the contacts needs to be a Company Admin, and needs to have an 8x8 Work license. It is recommended that this not be the Primary Administrator. See the Additional Information section.

To add a Company Admin assignment to a user, see the documentation: Role-based access control.

To add an 8x8 Work license to a user, see the documentation: Assign services and permissions to the user.


Limitation of Primary Admin user profile.

Additional Information

We recommend having a separate user profile for the Primary Admin without a phone license. This is to avoid getting the wrong caller ID when using Auto Attendants, Ring Groups, or Call Queues. This is a known limitation if the Primary Admin is using a phone license.

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