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How to Prevent Blocked Callers from Reaching the Auto Attendant in Admin Console


Prevent unwanted callers from reaching the Auto Attendant in Admin Console

Applies To

  • Admin Console

  • X Series


  • Remove the number in question from the Auto Attendant.

  • Create a user and add a license to it, in order to be able to assign the number previously assigned to the Auto Attendant.

  • Go to the Call Forwarding Rules section of the newly created user:

  • Configure the When the user gets a call from a blocked caller rule.

  • Set up a new custom rule which always forwards to the Auto Attendant in question.

  • Make sure that the Block Callers rule comes before (above) the custom Always Forward rule in the Call Forwarding Rules hierarchy.


Additional Information

  • As the Auto Attendant would not have a built-in blocked caller function, it would need to go through an extension first which can filter out the unwanted calls.

  • Please note that Call Forwarding Rules prioritizes active rules from top to bottom. This is why a new custom Always Forward Rule needs to be created instead of using the existing Forward All Calls rule, as that cannot be moved, only disabled.

  • Currently the functionality to block numbers for an entire phone system is not supported in Admin Console.

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