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Unable To Save Call Forwarding Rule in Admin Console


In Admin Console, when trying to change the details of a call forwarding rule under the User Settings, the system is unable to save the modification made to the rule itself.

Applies To

  • Admin Console


  • While editing the affected user, get the relevant details from the rule we are not able to modify (e.g. Always Forward).

  • In the Call Forwarding Rules section click on the Add New Rule button and recreate the exact scenario we are having problems with. (In this example, the Always Forward Rule)

  • Drag and drop the newly created rule to the relevant position in the Call Forwarding Rules list (for an "Always Forward" rule we recommend dragging it towards the top of the list).

Additional Information

Please note that rule prioritization is based on a top-down order when it comes to the Call Forwarding Rules section. If there are multiple rules describing the same routing paths, prioritizing them will ensure that the relevant rule takes precedent.