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8x8 Admin Console Administrator Guide for Migrated Services


Welcome to 8x8 Admin Console! This page provides a brief overview of your new system management platform. Any settings changes previously made in Account Manager will now be done in 8x8 Admin Console. Comprehensive information is available in:

Do I need to do anything to get my services going?

With this migration, your service configuration and settings have simply been moved over to the new platform. No further action is needed for you to continue using your phones.

How do I log in?

You can use the same username and password to log in to 8x8 Admin Console as you used for Account Manager. Navigate to and enter your user credentials to view your application panel and access 8x8 Admin Console.

What's the difference between the old Account Manager and the new 8x8 Admin Console?

8x8 Admin Console may look different, but all the functionality you had before is still present.

In 8x8 Admin Console, we have moved away from extension configuration to a user-based model for both ease of use and efficient user management. Administrators control the account and all onboarding and offboarding tasks, and determine what actions individual users can take, such as dialing internationally, recording calls, and making account changes.

User profiles are created first, then services and phone numbers are assigned to them on the Users page. This creates an easy workflow for setting up all of your users before assigning extension services and phone numbers via your new X licenses.

How do I find my way around?

You can easily navigate to settings for users, services, and sites by clicking the corresponding icon on the 8x8 Admin Console home page.


One key difference in your migrated services is that billing options and settings have moved to the Customer Portal.

Common Billing Settings

Check billing in the Customer Portal
Update billing information in the Customer Portal

User Settings

In 8x8 Admin Console, you are able to assign users services based on their 8x8 Work Services (X) license. The license will function similarly to the plan that you assigned each user in Account Manager. The license determines what features the user will be able to access. Most user settings can be changed only at an individual user level.

As an admin, you can edit the following for any user profile:

  • Music on Hold: Create or edit the audio file.
  • Call Recording: Modify Call Recording permissions.
  • Outbound Calling Permission: Enable the user for international dialing or limit them to domestic-only calls.
  • 8x8 Work Analytics Access: Enable the user for 8x8 Work Analytics.
  • Internet Fax: Assign the user to a fax number.
  • Third Party Integration: Add a username for a third-party CRM.
  • Contact Directory Scope: Add the user to the external user directory, so external users can dial them by name.

Common User Settings

Create a new user profile via the Users page
Assign user to 8x8 services and extensions

Activate the user's phone

  • The MAC Address can be used to activate the phone.
  • The Activation Code is in the user's profile and the Welcome Email.

Configure call forwarding settings for a single extension 

  • Includes the option to play busy signal.
  • Forward calls when Busy without a delay.
Define Outbound Caller ID
Set up international dialing
Create a voicemail password
Add users as admins
Configuring Power Keys for users

Phone System Settings

In 8x8 Admin Console, you retain all of the phone system controls you previously enjoyed, all delivered in a much more intuitive interface. For instance, custom audio files for user or system greetings can be uploaded by simply dragging and dropping the file on the upload screen.

We've collected guides for the most common core phone system features below.

Common Phone System Settings

Configure call forwarding settings

  • Includes the option to play a busy signal.

Set up an Auto Attendant

  • Changing the Auto Attendant schedule or file will update all Auto Attendants with that schedule or file.
  • Add holidays or exceptions to working hours in your Auto Attendant schedule.
  • Create an Alternate schedule for outages.

Set up Ring Groups

  • Search for members by name, email, or extension.
  • Easily drag and drop members to update list order.
Set up Call Queues
Schedule call volume reports in the Call Log Dashboard