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How to set up a Hot Desk in Admin Console


Enable and set up Hot Desk for a user. 

Once hot desking is turned on for an end user, the associated phone will reboot and that phone will only be able to be used for hot desking. Subsequently, if hot desking is disabled for an end user, the phone will reboot and it will become a regular phone again.

Applies To

  • Hot Desk
  • Admin Console


  1. Log in to Admin Console
  2. Create a user that will be set up for hot desking.
    • Note: This user will not be able to use 8x8 Work for Desktop or 8x8 Work for Mobile, but in order to enable hot desking, a user profile must be created.
  3. Assign a Lobby or higher license to the user profile.
  4. Activate a desk phone on the user profile.
  5. After the phone is activated, toggle the Hot Desk Enabled switch to enable hot desking for this user profile. If you are editing an existing user profile, go to Voice Basic Settings and click Show More to see the Hot Desk Enabled section.
  6. Click Save.
  7. After this, the phone will reboot and it will be able to be used for hot desking.

Additional Information

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