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Barge-Monitor-Whisper (BMW) Dial Codes


Dial codes for Barge-Monitor-Whisper (BMW).

Applies To

  • Barge-Monitor-Whisper (BMW)


A third party (Supervisor) silently monitors a normal 2-party call originated on or answered by an 8x8 PBX User (Agent) on a conversation with an external party (Customer). No audible sound would alert the agent or the customer that the conversation is being monitored. The supervisor is muted. The privilege to monitor calls (with or without a warning tone) can be granted to the supervisor by the PBX administrator.

1. Press *22 or *BA.

2. Press Dial or Call.

3. At the prompt, enter the extension # you want to monitor. You may be prompted for a access code.

4. Enter the access code to begin monitoring.



A supervisor silently monitoring a call between an agent and a customer can privately speak to the agent, without the customer hearing the discussion. When the whisper feature is activated, the supervisor can begin speaking to the agent. This is one-directional audio from supervisor to agent. The customer will not hear the whisper. Both supervisor and agent can hear the customer.

To Whisper to the agent that you are already monitoring, dial *9 or *W.

To exit the whisper, mute the supervisors audio and revert to silent monitor mode, press *6 or *M.



A supervisor who is silently monitoring a call decides to enter the conference bridge, joining what then becomes a full 3 way conference call, where all 3 parties can hear each other. When the supervisor enters the call, a barge tone is played to alert all 3 parties.

To Barge into and join the call that you are already monitoring, dial*5 or *J.

To exit the barge and revert to silent monitor mode, press *6 or *M.


Barge Direct

A supervisor can also barge directly into a call without monitoring first. This facilitates instant collaboration.

Dial *23, then dial extension number. You are now immediately in a three-way conference call with the active call.

You can also create a speed dial with *23ExtensionNumber.

Additional Information

Hitting any character on your DTMF would bypass the instructional announcement in the IVR when initiating a new mode.

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