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What do the call queue settings do in 8x8 Admin Console?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • 8x8 Work


  • Display Call Queue in company directory - When enabled, the call queue's name and extension number appears in the company directory in Work for Desktop.
  • Maximum calls in queue - This denotes how many calls can in the queue at any given time. Any new calls beyond this number will follow the Call forwarding rule "When queue is full". The maximum number of calls in the queue is 20.
  • Wrap-up time - The number of seconds after a member finishes a queue call before they can be assigned another call. The maximum wrap-up time is up to 75 seconds.
  • Total time to alert a member - The number of seconds that the queue will try and ring the member. If the member does not answer the call within this time, they will be considered unavailable. The amount of time they will be considered unavailable is controlled by the Delay after not answering setting. The maximum alert time is 30 seconds.
  • Delay after not answering - If the member does not answer the call within the time set in Total time to alert a member, they will be considered unavailable to accept new calls. This setting is the number of seconds that the member is considered unavailable. The maximum delay time is 120 seconds.
  • Enable Allow agents to log in and log out from assigned queues - If enabled, users can log themselves in and out of queue using the Work for Desktop or an IP phone. If disabled, users are automatically logged in to the call queue.

Additional Information

More information about call queue settings can be found here.