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How to Edit Ring Group Voicemail Password in 8x8 Admin Console


Edit your Ring Group voicemail password in 8x8 Admin Console.

As an account administrator, you can edit your password by resetting it in . 8x8 Admin Console Your password can also be reset if you have forgotten it. Resetting your Ring Group password will send an email notification to all members of the Ring Group with the updated password. To learn how to create or edit your individual voicemail password, click here.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Ring Group
  • Voicemail
  • Password


  1. Log in to 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. Click Ring Groups.
  3. Click Edit (pencil icon) to the right of your Ring Group.
  4. Under Voicemail Settings, click Reset Password.
    VO CM Reset Ring Group Voicemail Password.jpg
  5. Enter your new password.
  6. Click Save in the Reset Password window.
  7. Save the Ring Group to confirm your changes.

Password Requirements

Make sure the voicemail password meets the following requirements:

  1. Passwords must a minimum of 6 digits.
  2. Passwords must not be the same digits (e.g., 0000, 1111, 9999).
  3. Numbers must not be sequential (e.g., 1234, 4321).
  4. Your password should not be your extension number.
  5. Passwords should not be any year (from 1900 - 2017).
  6. Passwords should not be a repeating ABAB pattern (e.g., 1010, 1212, 3131, etc.).
  7. Passwords must not be 2580, 0852, or 5683. (These are common combinations based on key placement or word association.)