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Ring Group Calls Not Following Call Forwarding Rules in Admin Console


Ring Group calls are routing to voicemail despite the Ring Group having no forwarding rule to voicemail configured in 8x8 Admin Console

For example all of the Ring Group's forwarding rules may be set to forward to a user or service extension and the call routes to ring group voicemail.

Applies To

  • 8x8 8x8 Admin Console
  • Ring Group
  • Forwarding Calls


Ensure that at least 1 Ring Group member is in an Available status and not in Do Not Disturb (DND). If all ring group members in DND, then by default calls forward to the Ring Group's voicemail.


The default PBX configuration is for DND to always forward calls to voicemail.

If all ring group members are in DND, then Ring Group calls will forward to ring group voicemail, which is expected behavior.

This behavior can be changed by requesting 8x8 disable server-side DND always forwarding to voicemail for the PBX, however, it will affect all extensions on the PBX, not just Ring Groups.

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