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Creating a 3-Way Call to Warm Transfer Callers


To create a 3-way call to introduce the caller and a third-party, before dropping off the call. Leaving your anonymous caller and third-party on a line together.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • Call Transfer


  1. Click the Options button (3 dots) on the call screen and select Add Call.
  2. Select a user or input an external number that you want to transfer the call to and press the + symbol.
    vod 2.png
  3. Whilst the call is connecting, click Options (3 dots) on the call screen and select Merge Calls.
  4. This will now merge both calls together. Your call screen should look like the below example.
  5. If you click the hang up button you will be given the choice to either:
    • End for all - which will end the call for all the users involved
    • Let others continue - which means the call will only be ended for yourself.
  6. Click Let others continue to leave the call but allow the other two callers to continue.
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