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Exceptional Frontdesk Access for Known Switchboard Pro Extensions


8x8 Switchboard Pro is a legacy web application aimed at operators and requires a deskphone to work. The replacement and future of Switchboard Pro is 8x8 Frontdesk, which is the new receptionist console working from anywhere, with full softphone or deskphone, and built on top of the 8x8 Work unified communication client, bringing operators everything needed for high call volume handling and more.

To enable a smooth customer transition from 8x8 Switchboard Pro (license X3 and above) to 8x8 Frontdesk (X4 and above) and considering the license tier difference, known Switchboard Pro customers at the moment of 8x8 Frontdesk launch (October 2021) will be granted exceptional access to Frontdesk based on their X3 license, to ensure a zero bill increase due to switching to Frontdesk.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Frontdesk - minimum version 7.17
  • 8x8 Work for Desktop - minimum version 7.17
  • Known Switchboard Pro customers and their select extensions

Known Switchboard Pro customers

As 8x8 Frontdesk is not available in the X3 tier, an exceptional access mechanism was built to ensure existing Switchboard customers can use Frontdesk seamlessly.

  • The exceptional Frontdesk access mechanism is based on a known list of customers and their Switchboard Pro used extensions.
  • These known extensions will be granted the option to toggle 8x8 Frontdesk inside the 8x8 Work > Settings. 
  • The control to enable or disable Frontdesk is not provided in Admin Console for this exceptional access, but only in the user app.

At the moment of the exceptional access being made available for known existing Switchboard Pro customers, IT administrators will be emailed the list of known extensions to maintain with X3 and assign operators to those in need. IT administrators can also ask 8x8 Support for the list of known extensions that have exceptional Frontdesk access for their tenant.

Customers will be required to use X4 licenses to provide regular Frontdesk access beyond the list of known extensions.


Exceptional access start date: Apr 1, 2022

For known exceptional Frontdesk access extensions that are already assigned to a user or get reassigned by the IT administrator, the user will have the option to turn Frontdesk ON from within the 8x8 Work app in Settings. Restarting the app can expedite refreshing the new provisioning setting, in case the toggle does not appear. 

The user having assigned the exceptional Frontdesk access extension can enable or disable the Frontdesk interface at any time. By default the toggle is OFF.

Enable Frontdesk.PNG

Additional Information

For more information, see 8x8 Frontdesk.