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How To Monitor Parked Calls With 8x8 Work Frontdesk


Allow a user, such as a receptionist, to monitor calls that they park using the 8x8 Work Desktop App, while using Frontdesk.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work
  • Frontdesk
  • X4 VO License


  1. Verify that the 8x8 Work User profile has at least an X4 VO license assigned and that the Frontdesk feature is enabled via Admin Console.
  2. While on an active call that you want to park, click P and then select the call park option.
  3. Your call will be placed on park and appear under the Calls section of Frontdesk.
  4. For each call that you park that remains on call park, the total Parked Counter will increase and the following call parked calls will appear underneath the prior parked call.
  5. Parked calls from other users will also appear under the Calls section.

Additional Information

If the user logs out of Frontdesk, then the calls will remain parked.

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