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8x8 Support

Internet Fax Storage Expired


When receiving an Internet Fax using 8x8 Work you may see the following errors:

The storage for this fax expired and cannot be downloaded.

Received 0/0 page.


Applies To

  • 8x8 Work
  • Internet Fax


The inbound fax sender needs to re-send the fax. The fax contains 0/0 pages and contains no data. There is no remediation other than asking the sender to try again.


This can be caused by issues with the upstream carrier or the fax sender. 

Additional Information

Users can also check if the attachment is received via email. This can be set from the Admin Console > Home > Users > Edit > Fax notification settings

If the issue persists, and the sender can send faxes successfully elsewhere, escalate to Application Support with the following:

  • Samples from within 24 hours.
  • Fax To:
  • Fax From:
  • Time/Date/Timezone:
  • Symptom:
  • Is the attachment set to send to email? Is the email attachment received successfully? - Please answer:
  • Please include screenshots of the impacted faxes.
  • If attachment fax to email is successful please include it as an attachment to the case.

Application Support can work with our Fax Infrastructure Team to check for infrastructure issues or correlate to a particular carrier.