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Calls going straight to hold when answering on 8x8 Work for Desktop


When answering calls on Work for Desktop with a headset, calls are going straight to hold when answered.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • Bluetooth/Dongle headsets


This can be caused by the built-in call control settings for headsets confusing certain buttons on the headset with a command to place calls on hold.


  1. Open Work for Desktop.
  2. Click the Call using tab clipboard_e08fc5bc5b829dea78ed4c29b47bbd050.png.


  1. In the Call using > Computer section, verify the current state of the Enable built-in call controls option.
  2. If this option is enabled clipboard_e1b50245ae696efec3d6616a49d4607fa.png, click the slider to disable this option clipboard_ec3ea218e9e2cf55a8f07b17dbbc9467f.png.

call using.PNG

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