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How to Block Numbers in 8x8 Work (legacy)


This process is for non X Series users only. X Series users can block numbers through 8x8 Work for Desktop.


To block a number in Work for Desktop or Online.

8x8 offers phone number blocking at the extension level. Use Advanced Call Forwarding in the Work for Desktop or Online application to add problematic phone numbers to a special rule for handling.



Your blocked number settings below will apply across all the ways you receive you 8x8 phone services, including the Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile applications, and via your desk phone.


If  you have any existing call forwarding rules, Call  blocking rule should set with priority(order) 1.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • 8x8 Work Online
  • 8x8 non-X Series services
  • Number Blocking



Before you begin: We recommend you separately make note of the phone number(s) you wish to block before engaging the options below.

  1. Log in to Work for Desktop or Online.
  2. In Work for Desktop, go to Preferences > Account Settings. The Settings pop-up window will open.
  3. If prompted, log in with your 8x8 Work username and password.
  4. Click Call Forwarding.
  5. Click +Add New Rule.
  6. Enter a Rule Name (e.g., Blocked Numbers).
  7. In the Call From tab, click to un-check the Anyone box to make the other options available.
  8. To block specific numbers:
    1. Check the box for Or any of the phone numbers listed below.
    2. Enter a phone number (if the number is in your contact list, it will automatically populate).
    3. Click Add.
      Blocking Calls in Virtual Office Desktop.jpg
    4. To add more numbers, continue to enter them in one at a time.
      Note-Icon.png Note: To block groups of numbers such as an area code, just enter the first few digits. For example, if the area code is 555, enter the blocked number as 1555 and click Add.
  9. Click the Date and Time tab to set options for when the number(s) should be subjected to the blocker rule.
  10. Click the Forward To tab.
    • To block the call outright (caller will hear a busy signal), select Drop Call.
    • To send calls to a different destination:
      1. Select Forward Calls to:
      2. Enter an alternate phone number.
      3. Click Add. The alternate number(s) will populate below.
      4. If desired, set options for how these numbers will ring.
  11. Click OK to save rule.
  12. Click Save to save the new forwarding settings.

You can edit, copy, or delete rules at any time by returning to Call Forwarding in Settings.

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