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How to Transfer Caller to the Voicemail of Another Extension


Transferring a live call to a specific extension's voicemail box from Work for Desktop or a desk phone.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • Desk Phones


Work for Desktop

  1. Accept the call.
    accept call.jpg

  2. Click More Options (three dots).
    Elipses icon.PNG

  3. Click Transfer.
    Transfer Button.PNG
  4. Enter the desired extension.
    enter extension.PNG
  5.  Hover your cursor to the right of the extension's information, then click the Voicemail icon for the chosen extension.
    voicemail ICon.jpg
  6. The call will be transferred to the desired extension's voicemail after clicking the Voicemail icon.

Desk Phones

  1. Accept the call on your desk phone.
  2. Press the MORE softkey button until you see xfrVM then select it.
  3. Enter the desired extension followed by the # key.
    enter exten #.jpeg
  4. Wait for the IVR to confirm your transfer.
  5. The call will be transferred to the desired extension's voicemail.
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