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How to Update E911 Address in 8x8 Work for Desktop


Updating the E911 address in Work for Desktop.

E911, or Enhanced 911, is a means for wireless phone users in North America to provide more accurate location information when calling 911 emergency services. Providing this information within Work for Desktop settings will allow the proper emergency services to locate you more easily when calling from your 8x8 Work services. When calling 911 from 8x8 Work apps, emergency services will respond to the address listed in your E911 settings.


Note: The interface for completing this procedure is slightly different for users on our X Series platform, and those on our Virtual Office Classic platform. Steps for both are covered below.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop


Access Account Settings

  1. Log in to Work for Desktop.
  2. From the left navigation, click the Settings (cog) icon.
  3. Click Account settings.
  4. Proceed to the appropriate set of instructions below depending on your service platform and what you see onscreen.

X Series

  1. From the Account settings submenu, click Emergency address.
  2.  In the Emergency address section, under Address, do one of the following:
    • To the upper right of the listed address, click Edit.
    • Select New address.

      Note: These instructions presume you want to add a new address for emergency services in the event of moving offices or working remotely. Same as the site address applies the general office address for your company site to your setup. Not applicable means an E911 address is not needed for this profile.

  3. Select a Country.
  4. Enter your Address. An automated service will validate the address.


    Remove apostrophes, from your address: e.g., "ONel" is accepted, "O'Nel" is not
    Remove the number mark (#) from your address: e.g., "Unit 13" is accepted, "Unit #13" is not
    Use clean numbers for secondary addresses: e.g., "Floor 13" is accepted, "13th Floor" is not

  5. Click Save.
    Caution-Icon.png Emergency service not available for this address? The system may suggest validated alternatives matching your entry. Select the best one and click Save
  6. At the bottom of the Account settings page, click Save. You should see the message Settings saved successfully  at the top of the screen.

Virtual Office Classic

Important-Icon.png Beginning with Work for Desktop 7.9, the 8x8 Account Settings app is a mandatory download to configure/adjust the settings below for Non-X Series users. To download this app, click here.
  1. On the Virtual Office Settings pop-up window, click E911.
    VOD- Settings to E911_0-400x350.png
  2. Click [ + Add E911 Service Address ].
    VOD- Change E911-400x349.png
  3. Enter the new address information and click Validate.
  4. If the address is valid, you will see a pop-up message indicating that the address has been validated.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.08.24 PM-300x121.png
  5. If the address is invalid, you will see a message prompting you to either edit or confirm the address you entered. To edit the address, click Let me edit the address. To confirm the address as entered, click I am sure the address entered is correct.
  6. After the address has been validated by Virtual Office or confirmed by you, click Save to save your changes.
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