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How to Warm Transfer an Anonymous Incoming Call


To warm transfer an anonymous incoming call.

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop 
  • Call (Warm) Transfer


  1. Answer an incoming call coming with the anonymous caller ID.
  2. Click the three dot to choose the option Transfer. to transfer the call to a User or to an External number
  3. Select a user or type an external number that you want to transfer the call to and click on the Warm Transfer symbol.
  4. Status of the incoming (anonymous) call becomes On hold and the outgoing call is In Progress.
  5. Click on Resume on the anonymous call
  6. Status of the incoming (anonymous) call becomes In Progress and the outgoing call goes to On hold. Click on the transfer symbol of the outgoing call. 
  7. The Warm transfer should be successful.

Additional Information

You may receive an error when attempting to perform the above actions to Warm Transfer calls. See Warm Transfer of Anonymous Calls Fails in Work for Desktop for more information.

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