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What are 8x8 Work Integrations and Plugins?


What are 8x8 Work integrations and plugins?

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8x8 Integrations and Plug-ins are pieces of software that attach to other non-8x8 software applications, to provide extra (phone-related) functionality for that application.

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but in general:

  • Integrations are installed into a central web-based application such as Salesforce or NetSuite. An account administrator installs the integration once, which makes it available to all or selected users when they log in to that CRM.
  • Plug-ins are generally pieces of software that are installed directly on an individual operating system such as Windows.

For 8x8 users, plug-ins and integrations are useful for speeding up activities like making calls and storing call activity data.


Example: Salesforce is a web-based CRM application (customer relationship management). 8x8 provides a telephony integration that installs directly into the customer's Salesforce account. This phone integration gives the customer's Salesforce users the ability to initiate inbound and outbound call activity, to otherwise control phone calls from within Salesforce, and to automatically store notes and call data in Salesforce.

Web Browser-Based CRM 8x8 Work Integrations

PC-Installed 8x8 Work Plug-ins

Keep in mind that:

  • Integrations and plug-ins are not phones. They cannot make phone calls or provide phone audio, but many of them can initiate, control, or end phone calls using a required hardphone or softphone.
  • No single integration or plug-in can do everything, and their features are not identical. Their functionality is specific to the requirements of the environment they’re made for.
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