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8x8 Work for Desktop Meeting Audio Issues in macOS High Sierra


While in a meeting in Work for Desktop with macOS High Sierra, the following audio issues occur:

  • Periodic clicking/popping noise
  • Audio is robotic
  • A short period of audio is repeated 2-3 times and is garbled
  • Large gaps (200 ms - 500 ms) in audio on a healthy network 

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop 6.7 
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  • Audio quality 


Launching the meeting in a web browser resolves the audio quality issues.

  1. Join the meeting through Work for Desktop.
  2. Click the information icon.
  3. Next to the link click Copy.
  4. Open a browser and paste the URL.
  5. Click Launch in web.
  6. Close the Meeting in Work for Desktop.


The cause of this issue is still being determined.

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