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Calling back numbers from internal extensions from an iOS device's call history fails due to an added country code prefix


When using Work for Mobile on iOS devices, calling back an internal extension from the iOS call history will fail because the application tries to add a country code prefix to the dialed number. E.g. After missing a call from extension 131000, trying to call back from the iOS device call history will result in Work for Mobile dialing +61131000. 

Calling back from the Work for Mobile call history will work fine.

Applies To

  • Work for Mobile
  • iOS devices


Change the extension number format and/or the site code so that the numbers do not resemble legitimate numbers.


The iOS device's phone application will automatically prefix numbers that it detects require a country code in front. 

Additional Information

The number format that should be avoided will vary from region to region. Avoid extension number formats where the starting digit matches a known valid telephone number of the same length.

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