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How do I access voicemail in 8x8 Work for Mobile


To access voicemail in Work for Mobile.

Applies To

  • Voicemail
  • Work for Mobile


  1. Open Work for Mobile.
  2. Tap Calls.
  3. Tap Voicemails.

A list of voicemail messages is available.

Setting up Voicemail in Work for Mobile

Note-Icon.png Note: Voicemail cannot be configured in the settings of the 8x8 Work for Mobile App. You may use the app to call in to your voicemail from your extension, then change your settings using the audio menu as described below.

Setting your voicemail password for the first time? From your own extension, dial 555, then press the # key. The system will first state, "This is not a valid password." Stay on the line and listen to the brief voicemail tutorial. At the end, follow the instructions to set a voicemail password.

  1. Access the voicemail system:
    • From your own extension: Dial 555 and enter your voicemail password, followed by the # key
    • From another extension in your system: Dial 500, enter your extension number, then enter your voicemail password, followed by the # key
  2. Press the * key to enter the Main Menu. Note: If you have no saved voicemail messages, you should enter the Main Menu automatically. You can skip this step.
  3. From the Main Menu:
    • Press # to set your voicemail password for the first time. 
    • Press 1 to listen to your messages.
    • Press 2 to change your greeting. Options include using just your first and last name; setting distinct internal (on-network) and external (off-network) greetings; and changing greetings to be used at certain times or occasions.
    • Press 3 to change user preference options. Options include: change voicemail password; call waiting preferences; busy handling; ring no answer handling; Internet outage routing; and email notification preferences.
    • Press 4 to establish or change call forwarding rules. Options include: listen to, set, change, or cancel call forwarding rules.
    • Press 5 to set a specific greeting for business hours, after business hours, lunch time, meeting, weekend, and vacation.
    • Press 6 to enable or disable “announcement only” mode (e.g., your vacation greeting).
    • Press 9 to exit voicemail.

For a downloadable Quick Reference Guide to the voicemail phone menu, click here.