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How to Handle Incoming Calls While Already on a Call

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work Mobile
  • Inbound Calls


Via 8x8 Work

When already on a call, if you receive an incoming call from someone else on your network, you'll be presented with the following options:

  • Answer & end ongoing call: Answer the incoming call and end the initial call
  • Reply: Send a message to the caller, e.g. "I'm busy, please call back later"
  • Swipe up to answer / Swipe down to decline: Answer the incoming call and put your initial call on Hold


Via Cellular

If you receiver a cellular call from an outside number, you'll be presented with two basic options; Decline and Answer. Answering the call will put your VO call on Hold until complete (or you manually return to the App/call).


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