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8x8 Work for Mobile Calls on Data Mode Drops

You can use Cellular Assist so that the cellular connection handles the inbound and outbound calls rather than the mobile data. Learn more here.


While on a phone call using the 8x8 Work for Mobile app in data mode on a Sprint or Verizon smartphone, a call in to the cell phone's direct phone number (DID) forces the 8x8 Work for Mobile call to drop.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Mobile
  • Sprint mobile data service
  • Verizon mobile data service


Use Cellular Assist so that the cellular connection is handling inbound and outbound calls rather than the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, use a Wi-Fi connection for 8x8 Work for Mobile data phone calls.


This is a known issue with older Verizon and Sprint smartphones, which are unable to simultaneously handle cell phone and mobile data activity. These phones are 3G pre-LT/LTE models, typically up to and including those debuting in 2012. This covers Android and iPhone models up to and including the standard iPhone 5.

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