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July 2022 - Contact Center Monthly Communication


This update is to inform you about some upcoming enhancements for 8x8 Contact Center that will launch this July. Included below is more detailed information with regard to the release, as well as links to additional documentation for more insight.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center

July Product Enhancements:

  • 8x8 Contact Center: Salesforce Integration updates

  • 8x8 Contact Center: QM/SA and Recording

Important Notifications

Additional Details

8x8 Contact Center & Salesforce Integration Updates: 
  • Searching for CRM Records: When an interaction is offered, the agent will see that the system is searching for the CRM records.

  • CRM Matching: Scenarios with multiple matches, a single match, or no match will all be handled and shown in Agent Workspace. 

  • CRM Search & Linking: Within each interaction, the ability to search for other CRM records, and link that interaction to the required record is now available 

  • Dispositions: this update offers users the ability to add dispositions for both 8x8 Contact Center and Salesforce all within Agent Workspace

  • Reminders: Follow up tasks and reminders can be scheduled for both 8x8 Contact Center and Salesforce if required

  • Notes: Multiple notes fields can be configured in Salesforce CRM and are made accessible in the notes tab 

8x8 Contact Center - QM/SA and Recordings 5.12

This release includes new features designed to enhance post call survey analysis, allow for more thorough interaction evaluation, and add to your data security. 

These new features include: 

  • Post Call Survey classification - Allows for topic matching on post-call survey content. This enables users to better understand their customers' topics of interest and their feelings about the overall interaction.

  • Interaction transfers handling (CC) - Users have the option to see all call legs of a transferred interaction as separate interactions. All interactions of the call are interlinked, which allows users to listen to each part of the call, see the transcript, and evaluate them separately.


  • Multiple consistency goal thresholds - Users have the option to create multiple consistency goal thresholds in order to better track how agents are performing certain tasks over time. This allows you to review agents’ performance for quality assurance and make suggestions for coaching based on performance, e.g. low performers vs. top performers.

  • QM for WhatsApp - Users can now view and evaluate WhatsApp interactions.

Multi CC support in QM/SA & Recordings (RBAC) - Role-based Access Control (RBAC) allows you to assign admin access to specific tenants so admins cannot see information on other tenants. Scoping by tenant allows users to restrict admin access to data as desired.

End-of Life (EOL) Legacy Historical Reports

This communication is to notify you that 8x8 will end-of-life (EOL) legacy Historical Reports on March 31, 2023. With the introduction of 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center (ACC) – a more robust and flexible reporting solution that also allows customers to consolidate both real-time and historical data in one place – 8x8 has consolidated the contact center analytics experience. As a result, we will EOL legacy Historical Reports. 

You are receiving this notice because we want to ensure that you have plenty of time to begin using the new 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center reports. Since the data models used for older, legacy Historical Reports are different from those used for new Analytics for Contact Center, reports cannot be automatically migrated or recreated. This means that you are required to recreate any Historical Reports you would like to continue to use within 8x8 ACC.

To assist you in recreating your Historical Reports and for more information please review the following: 

As always we are here to support you. If you have any questions about recreating your Historical Reports in Analytics for Contact Center please contact Support, your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

In case you missed the June Product Communication, here’s what was released: 

  • Keyboard Navigation: WCAG Accessibility 

  • Resize Control Panel

  • Merge Directory of 8x8 CC & 8x8 Work Users

  • WebChat Attachments

Fore more details, go here


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