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How to configure Password Policies


Define password policies and set rules on password length, formation, password duration, and common password practice for users to follow while creating their passwords

Applies To

  • Contact Center Mode 1 and Mode 2 users.  Mode 3 legacy users (not on XSeries) set password policies in the Account Manager.
  • Password Policies
  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center


  1. Visit to in a browser and sign in
  2.  Click on the Virtual Contact Center Config Mgr icon to access the Configuration Manager
  3. From the Configuration Menu, open Security.
  4. Go to the Password Policies tab.
  5. Configure the desired settings.


Additional Information

Available options:

  • Password Expires (In days) 
    • Defines how long a password is alive. After the specified duration, the password expires and needs to be changed.
  • Enforce Password History
    • Defines the number of previous passwords (or no passwords) to be remembered by the system. It prevents users from using the previous passwords when creating a new one.
  • Minimum Password Length
    • Defines a minimum length for a password. Restricts agents from choosing a password less than the specified length.
  • Password Complexity Requirement
    • Defines if a password must be set with a certain complexity, requiring different types of characters.
  • Password Question Requirement
    • Defines if the answer to a security question in the agent profile can be the same as the password or not.