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How to Change the Workplace Number in Agent Console


How to change the workplace number in the Agent Console.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • 8x8 Agent Console
Note-Icon.png 8x8 Contact Center allows you to use a hard phone, a cell phone, or a soft phone to process contact center interactions.


Log in to the 8x8 Agent Console.

Click Work Offline.

Click Profile.


Under Personal enter Workplace Phone or Workplace SIP URI.


Click Make Verification Call to test.

If a call is received on the number written in Workplace Phone, then the settings can be saved. If no call is received, check the number and try the country code with 00 or + (depending on the previous method used).

Additional Information

The use of a hard phone requires a phone number, while the use of a softphone requires a SIP URI. Your administrator specifies this information when setting up your account and determines if you can change this information in your agent profile.

  • The Workplace Phone, under My Profile, identifies the phone number you use to process contact center phone interactions.
  • The Workplace SIP URI identifies your softphone. Based on the configuration of your account, you may be able to edit your phone number and the SIP URI.
  • For Work for Desktop users, the Work for Desktop extension can be written as Workplace Phone instead of the full DDI.

Phone Number Format

Below are examples of phone number formats:

United States: +1123456789 or 001123456789

United Kingdom: +441234567891 or 00441234567891

All countries function under the same pattern: +(country code)(phone number)


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