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How to Find Phone Numbers Linked with Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls


To find phone numbers associated with incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • 8x8 Console
  • Agent
  • Supervisor


Use the Detailed Transactions Activity report.

  1. Log into the 8x8 Console as a Supervisor agent.
  2. Select Menu > Report.
  3. In the list of Available Reports, scroll to the end of the report list.
  4. Select Detailed Transactions Activities then click Next.
  5. Report Title is only needed if you want to save the report.
  6. Enter the desired date range.
  7. Click Run.

Depending on your browser settings, you may get a prompt to save the report. If there is no prompt, then the report should be in your Downloads folder.

The file name will be: detailed_transactions_activity.xls

Additional Information

  • Direction: The value will be outbound or inbound
  • Destination > Original - For outbound this is the number that was dialed.
  • Destination > Original - For inbound this is the callers number.

For more information about Historical reports see the online documentation.


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