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How to Log Into Agent Console


How to Log Into Agent Console

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center 
  • 8x8 Agent Console


To log in to Agent Console:

  1. In your preferred browser, enter the URL for your Agent Console.

    Depending on the platform and tenant you are on, the login link might look like this:

    The VCC tenant name and platform / cluster ID can be found in the Agent Console Profile under Menu - Profile as shown below:

  2. In the login page, enter your username and password. Click Login.
  3. By default, Agent Console launches in the On Break status.
    Note-Icon.png Note: Agent Console usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If your access to Agent Console is denied due to IP address restrictions, an automatic email is sent to your Virtual Contact Center administrator. The administrator is then able to give you the access authorization.
  4. Select Available or Work Offline status to initiate the session.

    Your supervisor may also instruct you to update certain parts of your Agent Console user profile.

Additional Information

Based on the configuration of your 8x8 Contact Center, you may receive the login information through a system-generated email or from your supervisor manually. The login information includes username, a system-generated password, and a URL link to Agent Console.


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