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How to Pull Emails from a 8x8 Contact Center Queue


To pull emails from an 8x8 Contact Center Queue.

Important-Icon.png Please Note: Pulling emails is a privilege given by the administrator in Configuration Manager.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Email Queues


  1. In Agent Console, set your status to Working Offline.
    • If your status is Available, Agent Console may offer you a new interaction before you can complete pulling email interactions from an email queue.
  2. Go to the Queue tab in the Control Panel.
  3. Click Pull or click the number of emails.
    • Agent Console pulls all emails from the queue and presents the list in the Display Panel.
    • Change the order of emails by clicking the column heading. You can sort by wait time, case or follow-up number, email channel, contact name, name of the company, or the email subject.
  4. Check the sender and/or subject of the email, and click under the Subject column of an email you wish to open.
    The email is offered to you instantly. The email tab blinks red. The work flow is the same as accepting an email.
    • If the email is from an existing customer, a relevant case or customer record pops up for preview as well.


      • If the screen pop fails to open, clean up your browser cache and cookies and log back in.
      • If you have multiple emails opened in tabs, the screen pop tab, which displays the case number and customer name, helps you navigate better.
  5. Click Accept Email.
    • Your status changes to Busy. The email creates a case, and opens in a new tab.
    • The Reject interaction button is disabled if your contact center administrator has not granted permission. This prevents agents from rejecting the interactions they are offered.
  6. Your status changes to Post Processing, and then back to Work Offline. The email saves as a case in the Open state and is assigned to you.
    • You can edit case details, reply, or create a new follow-up.
      • To edit, click Edit. In the edit mode, you can change case details such as status, priority, severity, subject, and more. Select Notify to notify another colleague or the customer about case details.
      • To reply, click Reply. In the reply mode, you can respond to the customer email, or insert case details, attachments, or content from FAQ knowledge base. The case information (original email) is attached automatically.
      • To create a new follow-up, click New follow-up. You can create a new follow-up, respond to the customer email, or insert case details, attachments, or content from FAQ knowledge base. The follow-up record does not include the original email.

Additional Information

Pulling emails from a queue gives you the flexibility to quickly look at the sender or the subject of the email, and then accept an email that requires the most immediate attention.

The Status tab in the Control Panel lists your email queues and indicates the number of emails pending in a queue.

Please note that you cannot receive emails (including attachments) larger than 30 MB via email channels.


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