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Campaign Manager Internal Issue Error caused by an outbound setup CRM object being enabled for a field that does not exist


Campaign Manager Internal Issue Error shows when attempting to run a campaign

campaign manager internal issue.png

Applies To

  • Contact Center campaigns


  1. Login to Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center
  2. Go to the Outbound Setup, CRM Objects page
  3. Check which CRM fields are enabled in the outbound setup

Configuration Manager outbound setup CRM objects name in CRM.png

  1. Go to the CRM, Fields page
  2. Check that all of the CRM fields that are enabled in the outbound setup exist

Configuration Manager crm field names.png

  1. If you find any that is enabled in the outbound setup that does not exist in the CRM Fields:
  2. Go to the Outbound Setup, CRM Objects page
  3. Remove the field(s) that does not exist from the outbound setup
  4. Click Apply
  5. Go to the Campaigns page
  6. Start the campaign

Configuration Manager campaign manual running.png


A CRM field that has been enabled in the CRM objects page does not exist

Additional Information

Campaign Manager Internal Issue Error is a generic error and may show due to other causes