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Statistics Reporting API Error 401 Unauthorized


Contact Center Statistics Reporting API responds with Error 401 Unauthorized

Applies To

  • Contact Center
    • Statistics Reporting API
    • Real Time Statistics Reporting API


This should be tested using Postman or CURL.

  • Check that the request URL is correct for your tenants cluster
    • Check the URL when logged in to Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center or Agent Console
    • If there is a letter after the cluster in the URL it should be omitted,
    • For example if your URL is, use for the API Request


  • Check that basic auth detail are correct; 
    • These can be found in Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center, Integration, API Token
  • Clicking New Token will update the API token
  • There is no confirmation prompt
  • If you update the token all integrations using this API  token will  also need to be updated to match
  • There is not an undo option to this action

Contact Centre Configuration Manager Integrations API Tokens



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