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Historical Report showing 0 Processing Time


Historical Reports and Contact Center All Interactions API is intermittently reporting a 0 processing time for calls that were accepted and are expected to show a processing time.

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Historical Reports
  • Detailed transactions activity report
  • All interactions API


As a potential workaround until this fix is released you could remove or increase the queue timeout to mitigate the issue.

Please consider the impact of such changes on the call flow before proceeding.

  1. Login to Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center
  2. Go to Scripts
  3. Edit the affected Script
  4. In the Script tab edit the forward to queue object
  5. Remove or increase the queue timeout
  6. Save

Configuration Manager Script forward to queue timeout.png


There is a known issue relating to inbound calls with a duration longer than the inbound Script object Forward to Queue's Queue timeout.

Our engineering team have an accepted fix for this which is currently awaiting release to be scheduled.

Additional Information

This does not affect data in Analytics for Contact Center


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