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How do Supervisors Use Transaction Codes after calls have been Tagged


When an agent has tagged a call for their supervisor, using Transaction Codes, how can the Supervisor use them?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Transaction Codes


Supervisors generate historical reports to get call disposition information for analysis and to determine the need for follow-up actions based on transaction codes, also known as wrap-up codes. The following reports list transaction codes used during agent interactions:

Detailed Accepted Transactions with Wrap Up Codes

This report lists wrap-up codes used by an agent during all of their inbound accepted interactions. Wrap-up codes indicate call disposition information. You may find multiple instances of the same call to indicate multiple wrap-up codes applied to the same call.

Detailed Outbound Transactions with Wrap Up Codes

This report lists dial codes as well as wrap-up codes. Dial codes are caller ID-related codes, which appear before dialing the call. An agent can apply only one dial code to a call but can apply multiple wrap-up codes.


Transactions Grouped by Wrap Up Codes

The report groups transactions by wrap-up codes, queue, channel, media, and agent.





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