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Legacy Wallboard EOL FAQ



This FAQ is to address questions regarding the end of life (EOL) of Configuration Manager (CM) Legacy Wallboards EOL. This FAQ is for internal use only.

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Configuration Manager
  • Wallboards


Why are Legacy Wallboards, which are part of the contact center Configuration Manager (CM), going end-of-life?

It is a legacy monitoring solution for 8x8 Contact Center customers. 

We are transitioning customers to 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center (ACC), which is more robust, more flexible and consolidates both real-time and historical data in one place allowing supervisors to customize their contact center activity monitoring approach.

The ACC Wallboards provide enhanced functionality compared to the legacy wallboard solution. The ACC Wallboards are available to all Contact Center users at no charge and allows supervisors to monitor agents or queues in  real-time or historical performance considering a wide range of out-of-the box and custom metrics and dimensions

Who can create wallboards in Analytics for Contact Center?

In Analytics for Contact Center supervisors and admins can create wallboards and share these further with internal teams or external parties via shareable links.

When will Legacy wallboards go end-of-life?

CM legacy wallboards will reach EOL on February 28 2023. At this time, access to CM legacy wallboards will no longer be available.

How can users access Legacy Wallboards today?

To access and/or create a Legacy Wallboard today, login into the 8x8 Application Panel and go to the 'Configuration Manager for Contact Center'. From there, go to the 'Wallboard' option from the left hand-side panel. 

As of February 28, 2023, this option will no longer be available in the Configuration Manager.

How do I access the Analytics for Contact Center Wallboards?

ACC Wallboards can be accessed directly via Analytics for Contact Center here

Or from the 8x8 Applications Panel here 

Or from the Agent Workspace Menu once you are logged in.

How can I create a wallboard in Analytics for Contact Center?

To create a Wallboard in Analytics for Contact Center, use the following steps outlined in this step-by-step guide 

  1. Login into Analytics for Contact Center

  2. Go to 'Dashboards' 

  3. Create and configure a Dashboard with either/both Real-Time and/or Historical Widgets and save it

  4. Once saved, click on 'Share' option and obtain a 'Wallboard shareable link'

  5. Open the Wallboard Link in your browser

Given the data models are different for the legacy wallboard solution and the new Analytics for Contact Center, wallboards cannot be migrated automatically. Users will have to recreate wallboards and thresholds manually in the Analytics for Contact Center Wallboard.

To recreate wallboards and thresholds use the following  step-by-step guides

1. Create a wallboard in Analytics for CC

2. Define Thresholds in Analytics for CC

Will the data in legacy wallboards and Analytics for Contact Center wallboards match?

Not exactly. 

Naming: There are some differences in the metrics names.

Formulas: There are some differences between how the legacy and the new data is calculated.

Consult the documentation below to understand the differences.

The functional mapping between legacy wallboards and Analytics for Contact Center can be found here.

Will Analytics for Contact Center Wallboards have the same functionality as legacy wallboards?

Actually, in addition to providing access to significantly more metrics than the legacy wallboards, the ACC Wallboards will also provide advanced functionality compared to legacy wallboards. 


Advanced ACC Wallboard features include:   

  • Visualization of the agent/queue performance as a table, chart, big number or heat map

  • Variety of wallboard visual customization: having multiple widget in a single view, resize option, dark/light color theme, etc.

  • Ability to define custom real-time metrics

  • Three-level thresholds setup (success, warning, danger)

Will users be able to access Analytics for CC Wallboards through the API?

No. They can only get the data using the Public APIs and they need to build their own UI, widgets, views, etc.

If I have a wallboard URL, can I still access it after the EOL date?

No. The active legacy wallboards will be switched off and will no longer be accessible after February 28, 2023, the EOL date.

If I share my new ACC Wallboard, either via direct URL or typing in the email address, will the thresholds set remain available?

Yes, any threshold or custom metric you have defined and used in the Wallboard will remain available for the user you have shared your wallboard with.


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