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Removing access to a shared report in VCC Analytics


The access to the shared report can be removed at any time by the owner. Removing the view and edit permissions will also discontinue all emails scheduled for this report by the user whose permissions are being revoked.

Applies To

All users who have access to VCC Analytics and have Customer reports scheduled.


  1. Login into VCC Analytics from SSO dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Custom reports from left pane.
  3. From the list of custom reports, click  next to the desired report, select Share from the menu OR When a custom report is open, click  in the header to access the sharing options.

  4. click the option to view or edit and select Remove from the drop-down list of choices.VCC Analytics.jpg

Additional Information :

To revoke access to these reports via the links, simply disable the settings to share reports as CSV or Excel.