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What are the details for the EOL (end-of-life) of Business Intelligence?
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What are the details for the EOL (end-of-life) of Business Intelligence?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center customers who use Business Intelligence


Why is Business Intelligence (BI) going end-of-life?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a legacy reporting solution in 8x8 Contact Center customers. 8x8 is transitioning customers to 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center (8x8 Analytics) which was launched in 2018.  8x8 Analytics is more robust, consolidating both Real Time and Historical data in one place. 

When will BI go end-of-life?

As of August 31, 2020, 8x8 Contact Center customers will no longer be able to access BI.

Note that 8x8 Contact Center customers who were provisioned after March 27, 2020 are no longer provided access to Business Intelligence, and therefore there will be no change for them. 

How do customers access BI today, and how will they access the new 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center?

Today 8x8 customers access 8x8 Analytics with a direct URL: .   Some customers will have to use the URL: .To access BI today, 8x8 customers log into the 8x8 agent console, click on the Applications icon in the upper left corner of the window, then select Business Intelligence. 

As of August 31, 2020, this Business Intelligence icon will no longer be visible. 

Customers will be able to access 8x8 Analytics in 2 ways:

Who will be able to access 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center? 

Only users with Supervisor and Administrator roles can effectively track any data using 8x8 Analytics. 

Will the customer need to recreate all BI reports or will these be migrated automatically? 

Given the data models are different for BI and 8x8 Analytics, dashboards and reports cannot be migrated automatically.  However, we anticipate that 8x8 customers will find it straightforward to create new dashboards and reports in 8x8 Analytics. 

Will an 8x8 customer be able to replicate BI reports in 8x8 Analytics?

Mostly, yes.  However, there is no capability right now in the 8x8 Analytics platform to generate visual charts based on historical data. This known limitation is being addressed in upcoming releases.

Will the data in BI and 8x8 Analytics reports match?

There are some differences between BI and 8x8 Analytics focused on clarity, customer requests, and industry standards. 

  • Naming: There is a difference in some metric names. 

  • Formulas: There are some differences between how the old and the new data is calculated. 

Analytics real-time dashboards metrics definitions are available at:

Analytics historical reporting metrics definitiaons are available at:

Will 8x8 customers still have access to their old Contact Center data?

Yes, 8x8 customers will be able to request access to existing BI data for 12 months after EOL.


What happens if an 8x8 customer has bookmarked the Business Intelligence web URL?

Upon EOL, all Business Intelligence URLs will redirect the user to the 8x8 Analytics. 

How will users be notified about the BI End of Life? 

8x8 customers will receive several notifications about Business Intelligence End of Life: 

  • Informative message displayed on all BI pages 

  • Informative message included directly in each scheduled report’s email body 

  • Several direct emails