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Contact Center Missing Calls in Customer Experience
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Contact Center Missing Calls in Customer Experience



 8x8 Contact Center calls are missing on the Customer Experience page. 

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Customer Experience


Update 2/24/21: All global Contact Center platforms are processing new calls in real-time for immediate availability in the Customer Experience portal and all historical data has been processed for visibility. 

8x8 has further enhanced monitoring and alerting and increased alert sensitivity so that we can react much faster in the event of a future sync interruption. Our Engineering team will continue to improve the codebase and further optimize the runtime configuration.


8x8 identified a general delay between transaction completion and visibility in the Customer Experience page. In addressing the root cause of the delay, a subsequent 24-hour lag was introduced as work was completed to make all calls visible in the Customer Experience page in real-time.


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