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How different are BI (Business Intelligence) and ACC (Analytics for Contact Center)?
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How different are BI (Business Intelligence) and ACC (Analytics for Contact Center)?


Applies To

  • All VCC customers who's tenants were provisioned before March 20, 2020.


How does launching ACC differ from launching BI?

BI is launched from within the agent console, ACC is launched from the unified login application panel or using a URL to launch it.  Please see this KB article for more information.

Can people who used BI in the past continue to use ACC?

No.  Agents who were not admins or supervisors could use BI to run reports on their calls.  ACC is only available to admins and supervisors.

Can authorized ACC users create scheduled reports in ACC like they did in BI?

Yes.  Please see the documentation for instructions for creating scheduled reports in ACC.

Do BI and ACC have the same metrics?

ACC has most of the metrics available in BI, however some metrics have been renamed and other metrics have been split into more granular measurements.  Please see the BI and ACC Metrics Comparison KB article for more information.

Do BI and ACC have the same historical dashboards?

ACC introduced some historical dashboard widgets in version 2.3.  Version 2.4 allows one to add charts to reports which provide similar visual data representation that was available in BI Dashboards.

Are reports in ACC created the same way they are in BI?

No, one uses different steps and a different UI to create reports in ACC.  Please see the following KB article for the steps for creating an ACC report with some descriptions of how it's different than the process used in BI.



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